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Popular Speaking Topics

Marketing made simple for the overwhelmed entrepreneur, content planning tips and branding basics. And always your consistency cheerleader with a dose of growth mindset to keep you motivated.  

Stop The Scroll 

Social Media is NOT a Marketing Strategy. How to step away from social media and still grow your business.

Leading with Brand Values in Your Marketing

Defining your brand values, and why it matters to both the customer and your community

Quarterly Content Planning to Save Time

Learn how to plan a quarter's worth of content, customized to your bandwidth and business goals. 

Level Up With the Marketing Funnel

Learn how to attract, nurture and convert your customers, and align your marketing strategy to break through your next income goal. 

Meet Ruthie Sterrett 

Ruthie Sterrett is a content strategist and founder of a content management agency that helps small business owners create consistent content that drives revenue through quarterly planning, simple marketing best practices, positive reinforcement, and accountability. 

Often small business owners, creatives and solopreneurs get overwhelmed keeping up with content, so The Consistency Corner was established to help create simple content frameworks which build trust and lead to sales every month.

A retail veteran, turned self-taught marketer and agency owner, Ruthie grew in entrepreneurship with experience in blogging, direct sales and health & wellness coaching all while balancing a corporate job in retail marketing and being a mom. As a Midwest native (now in FL!) she lives by the motto "work hard and be nice" and loves to cheer others on in their pursuit of big goals!

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