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You are a 6-7 figure company ready to scale to the next level 


DIY Marketing, referrals and word of mouth have taken you this far. You've been successful on your own, but it's time to take marketing off your plate and let you and your team do what you do best. Together, we'll create a personalized quarterly marketing strategy for your brand and customize the level of support we provide for implementation, based on your bandwidth, budget and business goals. 

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Here’s what I know to be true. Small business owners wear so many hats, and often put marketing on the back burner. For small teams, there never seems to be enough time or money for marketing (at least not consistently!)

The Consistency Corner agency is here to take marketing off your to do list, or work with your team to amplify results more efficiently. We collaborate with companies to bring out your brand sparkle so you can make an impact and an income. 

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Collaboration Creates Consistency

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Marketing Strategy & Content to Build a Legacy Business

Social media alone is not a marketing strategy. It's one of many containers for content that serves your customers, and helps you grow your business. Long term, value adding content is the corner stone of our strategy, building credibility and a lasting legacy for your brand.

We work with you to clarify your brand message and business goals, then create a quarterly plan to deliver consistent content that compounds over time to create relationships that last with your community. 

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Our Process


Brand Details

The CONSISTENCY is in the details. Our support packages begin with a brand and content audit to clarify all your brand details and ensure consistent messaging, branding and aesthetic in all content and channels. 

Business Goals

Marketing strategy should be guided by business goals. KPI benchmarks, where your customers are in the marketing funnel, and what's happening in the market are just things we dig into when aligning on objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Together we align on top, middle, and bottom of funnel marketing activations for the quarter and long term to support your business goals. Strategic and custom plans are what set us apart, and we focus on efficiency and effectiveness within your bandwidth and budget. 

Content Plan 

Together, we build out a customized content calendar. because content is the key in building a relationship between your brand and your customers. With legacy content and repurposing strategy built in, we're creating a foundation to compound efforts to scale your business to the next income level. 

Marketing is a Full Time Job

As the CEO you are ready to be the visionary leading your team to the next level, and not in the weeds of all the tasks. You know marketing could be a full time job, or even a full on department, and you don't have time to consistently do it yourself. Your current team is also stretched to the max, and there isn't budget to add payroll for an entire marketing department or director (at least not one that can get the job done).  This is exactly when partnering with an agency makes sense. 

Custom Strategy + Done For Your Implementation

Break through to the next level in your business with a strategic marketing plan led by your Fractional Director of Marketing (that's Ruthie!) and executed by The Consistency Corner team. 

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Capacity is limited to ensure consistent service for our clients, and work life balance for our team. 

As a boutique agency, The Consistency Corner was founded to support working moms. We believe in cheering each other on, collaborating to find solutions, and developing strategies that allow us to work in our zone of genius without the overwhelm and burnout that often comes with being a working mom. The application process to work with us ensures our services are a good fit for you, and your brand is a good fit for us. 

Brands Supported By The Consistency Corner

From retail, to real estate, service providers, coaches, personal brands and product based businesses, the Consistency Corner can customize a marketing and content strategy for brands in several industries. We prioritize working with collaborators and goal getters aligned with our values vs. a specific industry. 

Brands Supported By The Consistency Corner

From retail, to real estate, service providers, coaches, personal brands and product based businesses, the Consistency Corner can customize a marketing and content strategy for brands in several industries. We prioritize working with collaborators and goal getters aligned with our values vs. a specific industry. 

What is it like to work with The Consistency Corner? 

Ruthie Sterrett is a content and marketing strategist, and her specialty is helping brands achieve clarity and create a marketing and content road map to grow their business through a framework of content that relates everything back to the customer and brand values. Ruthie achieves this by leading with a solution finding, positive mindset and collaboratively creating and optimizing strategy and execution with efficiency.

The Consistency Corner has been successful thanks to an ability to think strategically and be curious while managing details, communicating priorities and focusing on individual and team strengths to create consistency in all areas of branding and marketing based on core values and strengths unique to each client we work with.

What Our Clients Say
Compelling Content

Ruthie is a gift for any business that needs to get serious about marketing their business but doesn't have the talent or know how to do it effectively. She has a unique ability to pull out what makes a firm special and radiate it with compelling, can't miss content that grabs both attention and emotional resonance. In my opinion, there's no reason to hire full time marketing people when an offering like hers is an option--tapping into her business model just makes sense. 

Laura Taylor, All Point Retail CMO

Who do we work with? 

The Consistency Corner provides marketing strategy and content management for both B2B and B2C service based businesses. If you don't have a dedicated in-house marketing department, we're here to lend our expertise to market your business so you can do more of what you do best! 

Service Based Businesses

SaaS Platforms, Designers, Therapists, Doctors, IT Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Photographers,  and more! If you run a service based business, we can customize a marketing plan to grow your community and client base. 

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Not every customer is the right customer. We work with clients who align with our values. 

There are plenty of marketing agencies and service providers out there, and it's important to work with one that you enjoy and trust. If you vibe with our values, there's a good chance working together will bring out more of what makes you sparkle! 

Work Hard & Be Nice

Maybe it's the Midwestern roots, but work ethic and kindness are pillars of how we show up. Willingness to take action and accountability, while always leading with kindness and positivity is who we are (and who we love to work with).

Focus on Finding Solutions

Curiosity, accountability, finding solutions and taking action. Sure there can be plenty to vent about, but we know blame and complaining don't move the needle (in business or in life!). 

Lead With a Growth Mindset

Personal (and professional) development is our jam. You'll probably get book and podcast recommendations on the regular from our team...and you can always count on us to be willing to learn. 

Cheer Each Other On

Community over competition, always. We're better when we lift each other up, so we'll be your cheerleader and encourager any day of the week. Think hype squad dipped in glitter, shining a light on what makes you special! 

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Have Questions? 

Take a look at some frequently asked questions from prospective and current clients about what it's like to work together. 

Part Time Marketing Support with Full Time Results

Consistency in marketing will build trust with your audience. Trust will lead to relationships and relationships will lead to sales. But it's hard to market consistently when you are juggling a million other priorities. Adding agency support will accelerate your efforts while freeing up your time. It's a win-win. 

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What Happens When You Work With The Consistency Corner? 

Scale your results through consistent efforts in marketing activations that make sense for your business. Together we'll determine your short term and long term priorities to build a legacy that lasts. 

Brand Audit & Business Goals

The first step in working together is a VIP Brand Audit. We'll clarify and define your brand mission, vision, values, ideal client, branding words, colors, fonts and messaging. After a competitive analysis, alignment on business goals, and review of your business calendar, Ruthie will create a marketing strategy and content plan for the next quarter. You'll be presented with retainer package options at varying levels of support, customized for your budget. 

Brand Audit investment starts at $3500 and is required to move forward with content management. 

Marketing & Content Plan

After your audit and quarterly plan is delivered, and you commit to a support package, our team gets to work. Timelines for each agreed upon activation, deliverables and review periods will be provided in the final scope of work. 

After the brand audit you may choose to take the marketing plan and implement on your own. Ongoing consultation can be negotiated if done for you implementation is outside your budget at this time. Monthly implementation packages start at $3500 per month. 

Create Content & Implement 

Depending upon your level of support, we'll have monthly, bi-weekly or weekly strategy and status calls to check in. Analytics and content outlines will be delivered and reviewed in week 1 or 2. Social media content packages will be delivered in week 3 or 4. All other deliverable dates will be customized to your package (and additional flexibility built in to respond to the needs of your unique market).

Because we work (and plan) ahead, monthly payment is due at the beginning of the month for all agreed upon services. 30 day notice is required to terminate or downgrade any monthly retainers.  

Inconsistency is Costing You Sales

Being consistent with marketing takes time. If you don't have the time, investing in support makes sense. 

What got you here, won't get you there. To breakthrough to the next level of income, investing in strategy makes sense. 

Brand Audit investment is $5000 and is required to move forward with content management. Monthly implementation packages start at $5000 per month. 

Ongoing consultation can be added if done for you implementation is outside your budget at this time. Guidance on marketing budget based on revenue and profit goals can be provided.

packages starting at


Pricing will vary with number of activations and content calendar. Activations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Long form content strategy
  • Social media management
  • Social media engagement
  • Email marketing
  • SEO fueled visibility strategy
  • Website design consultation
  • Funnel strategy
  • Paid Search or Paid Social (ad budget is separate from retainer package and handled by client)

About Ruthie Sterrett

& The Consistency Corner 

Ruthie Sterrett is a Director of Marketing and founder of The Consistency Corner, helping companies create consistent content that drives revenue through quarterly planning, simple marketing best practices, positive reinforcement, and accountability.

A retail veteran, turned self-taught marketer and agency owner, Ruthie supported a $50M brand in her corporate days, delivering scalable marketing strategy that led to 500% growth in revenue over 5 years. As a Midwest native (now in FL!) she lives by the motto "work hard and be nice" and loves to cheer others on in their pursuit of big goals!

An Enneagram 3, 6/2 Generator, and passionate Purdue fan, Ruthie loves cheering on her clients as much as she loves sparkles, calendars, white wine on ice, shopping, travel, and Boilermaker basketball. 

Let's Work Together!

Need Support, but not ready to fully outsource yet? 

Book a Simplified Content Plan and get a Done For You Instagram 9 Grid, AND a custom road map of content you can create for the next quarter. I'll give you a personalized plan, then you and your team can implement on your own (think emails, stories, reels, trade shows, or whatever makes the most sense for your business) Additional monthly support is available to add on (keeping you accountable and consistent!).  

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