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Take the overwhelm out of creating your content

Get a custom framework to be more efficient and more consistent at creating content that stands out and gets results! With a personalized plan, you'll have a strategy you can finally implement without the overwhelm. 

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Cookie cutter plans never seem to get you the results, because you aren't using them consistently

With a customized framework to guide your content for an entire quarter, you'll be consistently creating content to build trust and sales in no time...

Does This Sound Familiar?

You post on social media but get crickets...

Or worse, you don't post at all because you don't know what to say. You know you should be doing this but inconsistency is holding you back. 

It feels like your business is lost in a saturated market.

You can't figure out why others are growing, but no one seems interested in what you have to offer. You feel like you aren't good enough and no one cares. 

You feel like you are putting content out there, but no one cares.

You know you have great products or services, but the right clients just aren't finding you. It feels overwhelming deciding what to do next.

You're so busy, but you are not making the sales you need...

You know you need to work on your content, but you just don't have the time. And when you do try to work on it, it feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall and nothing seems to stick. You're so busy, but the business isn't bringing in the income you planned on. 

A Content Plan is the Recipe You Need to Be Consistent With Your Content

Sales come from relationships, and relationships are built on trust. Consistent content is the secret ingredient you need to build trust with your audience to make an impact...and an income. 

Consistent doesn't have to mean constant. Build a personalized process to create content on a schedule that works for you.

  • Clarify your brand pillars to build authority around your expertise. Learn how to position your value to drive conversion. 
  • Create a framework to build authority through consistency, but in a way that honors your time. 
  • Develop a quarterly content plan to support your business goals without the overwhelm and indecision, or countless hours of work.
  • Learn how to batch create, repurpose, get ahead and collaborate with other business owners to maximize your time.


You Have So Much On Your Plate Already. Creating Content Shouldn't Take Up All of Your Time!

Investing a little time upfront each quarter can save you hours each month when it comes to creating your content. 

  • Get a recipe to follow so you know exactly what to talk about and when
  • Learn how to take each piece of content further, with a custom repurposing strategy¬†
  • Learn a batching schedule to maximize your creativity
  • Bonuses include Canva templates and monthly 1:1 sessions for even more support and accountability.¬†




Plan for Next Quarter with Your NEW Director of Marketing

I'll serve as your Director or Marketing and plan content for an entire quarter for you or your team to execute.
  • ¬†Audit¬†of¬†your current marketing content, including¬†social media, emails, and long form content
  • Customized¬†strategy¬†for content for the next quarter, personalized¬†to your business goals and bandwidth
  • 90-minute 1:1 call or meeting¬†to¬†clarify brand messaging, business goals and a content plan to support (Meet over zoom or in person if you are in the Sarasota area)
  • 3 month¬†framework for content¬†will be delivered to you post call with a recap of action plan and batching schedule.
  • 2 Free monthly content co-working sessions to take action and implement the plan!
  • BONUS:¬†includes monthly check in call to get¬†feedback on your content.¬†
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Meet Ruthie, Your Consistency Cheerleader

Supporting You In Creating A Content & Marketing Strategy

I'm is a content strategist and founder of a content management agency that helps small business owners create consistent content to drive revenue through quarterly planning, simple marketing best practices, positive reinforcement, and accountability. 

I get how it feels to be overwhelmed by the idea of creating a strategic marketing plan, or question if what you are doing is even making a difference. It feels like you try what all the experts teach, or even what other businesses are doing, but nothing is working. Or worse, you haven't even tried to market your business because you are so strapped for time you don't even know where to start. 

I developed The Consistency Corner Marketing Method after 15+ years of experience in retail management, merchandising and marketing to simplify marketing strategy for small businesses. I've taught business owners and marketers how to create a brand and marketing plan rooted in values, mission and clarity that will support a content strategy to achieve intentional business goals. 

Retailers, Realtors, Photographers, Creatives, Bakers, Service Providers, Makers (and more) can all benefit from consistent content. Let me teach you how! 


Ready to Get Started?

Choose Your Level of Support

Book a one time session, or commit to a year of consistency with an annual plan (and extra support). 

Clarify Your Content Strategy

Through a content audit and 1:1 call we will clarify your content pillars, ideal client, containers and content plan to meet your business goals. 

Get Consistent and Get Results

Content = Trust
Trust = Relationships.
Build relationships with consistent content and watch your sales grow. 


What People are Saying

Create a System To Finally Get Consistent

Consistent Content Without the Overwhelm


You're wearing all the hats and have so much on your plate, and may have struggled to create a strategic marketing plan that works. The problem is overwhelm with where to start, what to do next, or wondering if what you are doing is even making a difference. You feel like you're stuck. 

You are scaling toward that six figure goal, but you just can't afford to outsource...yet. You know you need help, and you wish you could bring on an agency for marketing, but it doesn't fit in your budget. 

There's an easier way. You can grow your brand, even with limited budget and time. You don't have to have an MBA or a dedicated marketing team to create an effective marketing plan and great content. The Consistency Corner Quarterly Content Plan is exactly what you've been waiting for. 



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