Content Planning Made Easy

Planning your marketing content doesn't have to take all day or all your creativity! With the content planning bundle you have a road map to build & promote your brand so you can be more efficient and more consistent at creating content that stands out and gets results! 

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Video How To

Get started with a quick video on how to use the bundle to plan your content every week, or every month, Pick the cadence that works for you! This framework will work for planning weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Google Sheet Template

The exact framework I use to plan out content for social media, email, website and a podcast...all while managing working mom life. Learn to start with a foundation of long form content to build authority, and create a strategic plan to maximize it. 

PDF Worksheets

Prompts to help you brainstorm and create a bank of ideas to come back to week after week. Tips on how to batch to save time and a Mini Brand Kit to organize your brand details (to build consistency and trust with your audience!)

Ongoing Learning

Weekly podcast with marketing made easy tips and strategies, with actionable takeaways that won't make you feel like you need an MBA to implement. Guest speakers who get your journey and resources to keep growing! 


The Blueprint You Need to Streamline Your Content Creation

Instead of spending hours trying to decide what to create, and then wondering if it will actually work or not, what if you had a framework to plug in your brand message? 

Strategies to Repurpose Content and Lighten Your Workload

You don't have unlimited hours to write copy, take photos, create videos, and design content week after week, so what if you had a plan for creating less but getting more? 

BONUS Mini Brand Kit!

Included in the Content Planning Bundle

Effective content builds upon your branding to create trust with your audience and establish your authority in the market.

I know all those branding details are swirling around in your head....but when you get them out on paper and clarify the message and details for your brand, it's like magic. ⁠

Suddenly you LOVE your brand. And your confidence shows. You get more consistent with your message and your audience starts to take notice.⁠ The Mini Brand Kit will walk you through the steps of creating your very own Brand Kit!

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