Why Likes, Reach and Followers Don't Matter with Molly Knuth - Episode 99

Why Likes, Reach and Followers Don't Matter with Molly Knuth - Episode 99

This week on the podcast I'm honored to introduce you to Molly Knuth from Molly Knuth Media! Molly is on a mission to help women in small towns rewrite how they live and work on their own terms. She knows modern women want to grow families, build businesses or side hustles, impact others for the better, and be a positive force in our communities…but they also want to have a fulfilling life along the way.

In the past 6 years Molly has gone from a stay-at-home mom to a freelance social media marketer to a #bossbabe at Molly Knuth Media managing client needs, talented team members, and her husband and four kiddos on their little farm in Eastern Iowa. What she’s learned in that time is that it’s not just about going full force or any one-size-fits-all strategy for success in business or in life. It takes you leaning into your unique gifts, intuition, and goals, and learning about who you are as a person along the way.

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In this interview we chatted about:

  • Why we can't use social media to measure our success - or validate us or what we do. 
  • Molly shared advice on how to combat that feeling that we've failed when something we share on social media doesn't get the engagement or interaction we were hoping for. 
  • The importance of cultivating real relationships on social media - and how we actually do that as business owners. 
  • The strategy behind Molly choosing to have two seperate Instagram pages for her and her business and why she decided to do this - and the results she sees keeping them seperate. 

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