Using Press and PR for More Visibility with Allison Carter - Episode 111

Using Press and PR for More Visibility with Allison Carter - Episode 111

On this episode of The Consistency Corner podcast, I interview to Alison Carter, a Seattle mom of two, who helps female-owned businesses with PR and sales strategies. I'm so excited to bring this to you because not only do I believe in everything that Allison shares, I also know that it will help to fill the top of your marketing funnel - increasing your visibility and brand awareness. 

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So... how can we use press and PR for more visibility in our business?

In this episode, we chatted about: 

  • Alison's journey from starting a digital party planning guide to being featured in top media outlets like Forbes, Martha Stewart, and Oprah.
  • The importance of building trust through your personal brand and how you can do that through the content you create. 
  • Effective pitching strategies when you want to increase your visibility and how to create binge-able content to attract the right audience... and so much more!


It can be hard to find time to work on your marketing in general, let alone write and send PR pitches like we spoke about in this episode - that's why I want to invite you to one of my Consistency Corner virtual co-working sessions - let's do it together!

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