Unfiltered Friday: Decoding Visual Branding with Lauren Felter - Episode 143

Unfiltered Friday: Decoding Visual Branding with Lauren Felter - Episode 143

In this episode of Unfiltered Fridays, we're joined by Lauren Felter - a designer who does design and teaches design to non-designers! Lauren does a great job of helping people understand branding, fonts, colors, strategy around your branding, and how to simplify your design if you need to. Today we're exploring the fascinating world of visual branding, and how to make your brand work for YOU. Before we dive in, be sure to check out Lauren's freebie linked below - you can type in some information about your brand and she'll suggest some colors and fonts that will work!

Lauren's Branding Freebie: https://felterunfiltered.com/quiz/

Click play to listen to the episode in full...

People get to your website, your Instagram, wherever, and they're taking in this entire picture of fonts, colors, and shapes, and assuming things about you based off of what they see.

Now, here's a sneak peek into what we discussed:

  • The common misconception of personal preference vs. brand alignment.
  • The ideal range of fonts and colors you should include in your brand palette.
  • The significance of font shapes and angles, and the message they convey to your audience.
  • The risk of working with an all-dark or all-light color palette, and the need for versatility.
  • The importance of brand consistency for trust-building.

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