Revolutionizing Annual Planning

Unfiltered Friday 12/1/23: Revolutionizing Annual Planning with Heather Simpson - Episode 155

In this candid and insightful episode of Unfiltered Fridays, my friend, Heather and I discuss the art of annual planning, and share how Post-It Notes have revolutionized how we strategize and navigate the year ahead! Join us as we delve into the necessity of structure, discipline, and understanding individual energy flows in achieving ambitious goals. From managing calendars to embracing small steps toward strategic milestones, this episode offers invaluable guidance for anyone seeking a roadmap to success while navigating the realities of entrepreneurship and planning for the long haul. Are you ready to rock 2024?!

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You have to readjust your expectations and make sure that you're in full attunement with what it is that you really want, and the reality of what's required to get that.

Here's a peek into what we discussed:

  • The appeal of using Post-It notes for planning due to their flexibility. The method allows for easy adjustments, fostering a mindset that focuses on solutions rather than rigid plans.
  • How planning, even when uncertain about all the steps, triggers creative thinking.
  • The necessity of carving out time for visioning and planning, not just focusing on client work or administrative tasks, as these can consume time without necessarily propelling the business forward.
  • Calendar management, aligning tasks with varying energy levels to prevent burnout and maximize productivity.
  • The importance of celebrating small wins, embracing the journey, and prioritizing consistent progress rather than perfection.

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