Transforming the Blocks Holding Your Business Back with Tashina King - Episode 97

Transforming the Blocks Holding Your Business Back with Tashina King - Episode 97

This week I'm so excited to be bringing an interview to you with the amazing Tashina King! Tashina has over 10 years experience coaching women from all over the world when it comes to their goals and desires. She is passionate about her whole-woman approach and believes that if we can transform the foundation upon which goals are rooted, they can be reached with ease, confidence and joy!
Let's welcome Tashina to the podcast - click play below to listen to the episode in full:



In this episode we chatted about:
How women often get in their own way and how we can actually change that (which is the first step in moving towards your goals and actually reaching everything you desire!)
- The power of having someone that's holding up a mirror and keeping you accountable so we can actually reach out goals. 
- How we can tap into our creative genius - especially during those times that we might not be feeling so creative.
- Forgetting about the linear pathway and perhaps doing things out of order so that we can find our creative juices again! Movement needs to be the aim.


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