The Recipe for Simplifying Funnels & Automation

The Recipe for Simplifying Funnels & Automation with Angela Tan - Episode 156

In this episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast, we're embarking on an insightful journey into the world of streamlined funnels and automation! Join me as I sit down with Angela Tan, the mastermind behind The Systems Rx, a tech and automation specialist dedicated to simplifying the daunting world of digital business for entrepreneurs. Together, we're exploring Angela's innovative approach to simplifying tech, sharing practical solutions, and unveiling a four-phase framework that demystifies the complex process of funnel building!

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I'm so passionate about making things easy for you as a business owner, and also making it easy for people to learn about you and work with you.

Here's a glimpse into what we discuss in this episode:

  • Angela's recent idea of organizing bundles and summits and its creation process, highlighting how it stems from Angela's own challenges, leading to valuable solutions for others.
  • The importance of a streamlined communication process for clients, highlighting how simplified choices benefit both parties in decision-making.
  • Angela’s brand value of sustainability in business, aiming to prevent burnout through efficient systems.
  • Angela introduces her four-phase funnel building framework, likening it to cooking a meal to simplify the process:
    1. Strategy Phase: Deciding the funnel strategy and choosing the right tech tools to support it.
    2. Setup Phase: Setting up individual funnel components in a chronological order mirroring the customer journey.
    3. Symphonized Phase: Integrating components with automations to create a seamless funnel experience.
    4. Showcase Phase: Testing the funnel thoroughly to ensure its functionality before launch.


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