The Power of Podcast Guesting with Amanda Bennett - Episode 90

The Power of Podcast Guesting with Amanda Bennett - Episode 90

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Amanda Bennett. As a podcast host turned certified Pitch with Purpose Podcast Guesting Strategist, Amanda is on a mission to help mom entrepreneurs grow their audiences and build their authority through being a guest on aligned podcasts.
We dig into so much during this episode, even if you've never thought of podcast guesting before - you're going to love this! Press play to have a listen:


In this conversation we covered:

- Why Amanda thinks that the podcast space has just boomed over the past few years - and why she believes so strongly about using podcasts to connect with others. 
- How podcast guesting helps you get really clear on your messaging and lets you practice and refine it - and even pivot if you need to. 
- What it means to try and get on aligned podcasts - and how we can learn from the Queer Eye's Fab 5 when we're thinking of which podcasts to pitch to. 
- How your podcast interview is the start of an incredible collaborative relationship with a podcast host and how you can pitch yourself in a way that honors that. 
- What kind of impact can being a guest on a podcast have for you and your business.
- Lastly, incredible tips to land interviews with dream podcast hosts (you have to listen to these!!) 


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