Preparing Your Website and Marketing for the Holidays Now with Erin Alexander - Episode 130

Preparing Your Website and Marketing for the Holidays Now with Erin Alexander - Episode 130

Welcome back to The Consistency Corner Podcast! In this episode, I'm joined by Erin Alexander - the creator of Product Powerhouse. Erin helps product-based business owners show up online with confidence! She's the host of the Product Powerhouse Podcast, and teaches online shop owners how to build, grow, and scale their online business through courses, digital products, and coaching.

Are you ready to show up online with CONFIDENCE? 

Click play to listen to the full episode:


 Here is what we talk about:

  • Erin's transition from freelance graphic design to web design.
  • Challenges product-based businesses face in comparison to service based businesses.
  • The dichotomy between influencers vs. product branding.
  • Different needs of a product-based business's website.
  • How social media has influenced online behavior and the art of scrolling.
  • The significance of digital merchandising.

Whether you're navigating the nuances of digital branding or curious about the impact of social media on online behavior, this episode has something for everyone!


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