Social Media Is Not a Marketing Strategy - Episode 11

Social Media Is Not a Marketing Strategy - Episode 11

This week on the podcast I shared my thoughts on why social media is NOT a marketing strategy!! In this episode I shared the mindset shift around social media that we all need to have, and how you NEED content plan that can be repurposed across multiple channels to be more efficient and consistent. 

Listen more to the episode here:


There are literally thousands of accounts giving you advice on content, hashtags, reels, lives, IGTV, copy writing, photo editing, engaging, growing your audience, increasing your reach and a whole host of other factors that matter on social channels. Sometimes you probably feel like you are  throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out what to post on social media and nothing is sticking. Either you sit down and try to write a post and you have no idea what to say or maybe you have so many ideas but you don't know where to start... I hope this episode helps you create a better marketing strategy for your business and relieve some of the pressure you might be feeling to create content for social media! 

If you loved this episode, I would also love to share my Scroll Stopping Challenge with you! It's important to take time to evaluate your use of social media so you can make sure you're leveraging it and it's not causing you overwhelm or burn out - click here to join me! 

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