Mastering Bundles In Your Marketing Strategy

Mastering Bundles In Your Marketing Strategy with Kate Doster - Episode 179

Leverage Online Bundles to Grow Your Email List

Discover the secret to skyrocketing your email list and enhancing your marketing strategy through the power of online bundles in this enlightening episode of the Consistency Corner podcast. Host Ruthie teams up with online bundle virtuoso Kate Doster, host of the Do the Brave Thing Online Business Podcast, to unveil the ins and outs of creating and managing successful online bundles.

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"Bundles work really well for [list growth]... It's a complete win-win-win situation. I get to team up with other people. We all get to grow our list. Our audiences all get to get spoiled" 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The advantages of hosting vs. participating in online bundles
  • Key strategies for building a successful bundle
  • Paid vs. free bundles: Which one suits your goals?
  • Essential tips to avoid common pitfalls in bundle creation
  • How to ensure your bundle aligns with your brand values and marketing approach
  • Kate’s journey from adversity to becoming a powerlifting enthusiast and how personal development plays a crucial role in business success

Connect with Kate Doster

Kate’s Website –
Kate’s Instagram handle –  @kate_doster
Kate’s Podcast – The Do The Brave Thing Online Business Podcast  Apple Podcast    | Spotify

 Free gift #1 – List Blitz Masterclass – Learn how to explode your list (and bottom line) hosting bundles  

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