Delegate vs. Educate | The Consistency Corner Podcast Episode 182

Is Your To-Do List Out of Control? When to Hire Help vs. Seek Mentorship - Episode 182

Do You Need Education, a Doer, or a Strategic Partner? 

As your business scales your to do list gets longer. You bring in more clients (a good thing) but the tasks of working ON the business don't go away, when you're busy working IN the business. So a crucial decision every entrepreneur faces: when to hire help versus when to seek someone to tell you how to do it better (mentorship). This distinction is not just about managing your business efficiently; it's about knowing how to best utilize resources, including your time and energy, to foster growth and scalability.

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Understanding Your Business's Chapter

It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing your business’s progress with others who might seem more successful. Remember, every business is unique, and comparing your chapter 30 to someone else's chapter 300 can skew your perspective and decision-making. Whether you're a solopreneur, a small business owner, or heading a larger enterprise, recognizing where you truly stand in your business journey is the first step to making informed decisions.

Deciding Between Mentorship and Outsourcing

As you navigate through your business journey, you'll reach points where you must choose if the right next step is learning a new skill through mentorship or delegating tasks to someone who's already an expert, so you can focus on growth. Here's how I approached these decisions:

Mentorship and Coaching

Throughout my business journey, mentorship has been invaluable. Coaches and mentors can provide guidance, open doors to new strategies, and introduce you to networks that are otherwise out of reach. But mentorship isn't just about receiving; it's about being ready to implement the learned strategies effectively. Before I hire a coach, invest in a course or even read a book, I have to ask myself if I have time to implement this content, not just learn i



There comes a time when doing everything yourself is not sustainable. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best and leaves other tasks to experts. For instance, something as routine as bookkeeping or as complex as digital marketing might be better handled by professionals if it doesn’t align with your core strengths or interests. My bookkeeper was my first hire, and will be the last thing I ever cut back on! (Shout out Profit Priority, you're the best!) 

Learning When to Step Back

Recently, I faced a decision about renewing a contract with a coach I loved working with. Financial constraints and a need to trust my own instincts led me to take a break from formal coaching. This break has allowed me to reassess my business’s needs, focusing on areas where I genuinely need support versus where I need strategic guidance.

Implementing Strategic Delegation

Outsourcing isn't limited to business tasks alone; it can extend to personal life to save time and energy. Deciding to outsource meal preparation and house cleaning has freed up my schedule significantly, allowing me to focus more on my business without sacrificing my well-being.

Balancing Mentorship and Outsourcing

The journey of an entrepreneur is filled with learning and growth. Knowing when to seek knowledge and when to seek help can make a substantial difference in how you manage your business and personal life. Whether you choose mentorship to enhance your skills or outsourcing to improve efficiency, the goal is to optimize your time and resources effectively.

If you're wrestling with decisions about mentorship or outsourcing, remember that it's not just about the immediate benefits but also about your long-term business health and personal satisfaction.Reach out on Instagram if you're looking for guidance or support in making these critical decisions. 

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