Digital Marketing Tips: Demystify The Tech Tools to Support Your Marketing Strategy - Episode 107

Digital Marketing Tips: Demystify The Tech Tools to Support Your Marketing Strategy - Episode 107

Welcome back to the podcast! Today we're talking all about TECH. Specifically, the tech tools that support your marketing efforts - because without them, it's almost impossible to market your business effectively! 

In this episode, I'll be covering: 

  • My experience in corporate when I had to select a new email service provider and what it taught me about choosing the right tech tools. 
  • The different tech you need to consider for your business and to support your marketing strategies (and visibility!)
  • How to future proof the tech choices that you make and select the right tools for now but also your business in 5 years time. 
  • The importance of putting yourself in rooms with other business owners that know more than you - regardless of any imposter syndrome that you might feel. 

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So... does tech really support your marketing strategy? 

Yes, 100% it does. When it comes to digital marketing there are tech tools and platforms that we are business owners and marketers have to understand. Now, if you're feeling overwhelmed by all things tech and systems, that's ok. I've been there too. Especially when you start to try and layer in branding, messaging and content... It can be a lot. But today, I want to demystify the tech tools that you need to know about and understand as they will support your marketing efforts and strategy for your small business! 

Let's talk about choosing the right systems for your business...

So the questions are always: 

  • what's THE BEST platform?
  • what's THE BEST system?
  • What's THE BEST tool? 

They're the wrong questions.

Instead we want to be asking what is the best platform, system or tool for you, you business, your current bandwidth, your budget and your future goals? That's going to give you a much different answer than just asking what 'the best' is in general. I don't want you to choose a platform, system or tool that has more bells & whistles than you need - because you're not going to use half of the features that you're paying for - and I also don't want you to pick something that won't grow with you. Because migrating from one thing to another, whether it's email or from one social media handle to another, or websites, that's a project in and of itself - and trust me, if you don't have to sign up for that project, I recommend you don't!

Let's think about where you can go for support?

I want to encourage you to put yourself in rooms with people that know more than you! I know sometimes that can feel uncomfortable and that's often when all kinds of imposter syndrome pops up - but I want you to do it anyway. Because guess what? 

You're never going to get to your end goal if you're not exposed to new, different and more advanced ways of doing business. So whether it's through a mastermind, networking groups, a business community or other entrepreneurs that you can chat and connect with both in your industry and outside of your industry, by putting yourself around people who know more than you, you're naturally going to start to pick up on the things that you don't know. Then you'll what know questions to ask by being around those people. 

What is the #1 tool you ACTUALLY need for your marketing strategy? 

Are you ready for this? It's pretty basic. 


The whole premise of 'build it and they will come' is a lie - instead, you have to drive traffic to your website and get new eyeballs on your business. By using different types of content - paid and organic - as well as integrating your google search strategy with social media, you can drive traffic to your website that will then enter your marketing funnel to be nurtured and converted. It sounds complicated but it's actually super simple with the right strategy and support. 

What about social media? Where does that fit in?

Now, when it comes to social media and Google, there's also an organic compound piece of the puzzle. A non paid piece. You can post your content for your business on social media for free and people can find it from keywords, from other people sharing it. They can hear about you and look you up on Instagram to see what you're all about - and now they're seeing your content and you didn't pay anything for that. You just created the content.

... and the same thing goes with Google. This is what we mean when we talk about SEO - search engine optimization. You create content, blogs, podcasts, website content, you put it on the internet and those keywords are what connect and tell Google what your content is about. 

When I think about both Google and Facebook (or Meta who owns Facebook and Instagram), that's where like 99% of the internet is hanging out at some point or another. That's where people are... and they are the basics you need to know when it comes to Google & Social. 

Now, I have created a free tool that you can grab below this post to help you increase your visibility and attract new eyeballs to your business. It's a mini course called "10 Ways To Get New Eyeballs On Your Business (For Free!)" Grab your copy below - I really hope it's helpful!!  

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