Creating a Vision and Mindset to Fuel Your Marketing - Episode 91

Creating a Vision and Mindset to Fuel Your Marketing - Episode 91

This week on the podcast we're talking all about how to create a vision and mindset to fuel your marketing - perfect for the new year!

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So, when should we create a new vision? 

Now, ultimately you will hear me say that August is the new January, or that we can do this every quarter - which is true BUT I do love January for a fresh start! It's the perfect time to reflect on the previous year and to set some really intentional goals for where we want our business - and our life to be. 

When we put the work into crafting and creating our vision with purpose, you're going be able to show up with incredible power because you know where you are going! I believe that a marketing strategy is a roadmap that connects your brand to your business goals - so it's really important to know what your business goals are and to take the time to set those goals so you know where you are going! 

Now, let's talk about the importance of having a vision board...

I love a vision board because it's something that you can create to get excited about and come back to. It's a visual reminder of what you are working toward - whether it be on your desktop, on your phone or you print it out and have it on your desk! 

It's training your subconscious to focus on the things that you are excited for and you want to achieve. Then you can create a business plan and a marketing strategy to get you towards those things. You know, when I help my clients create their quarterly content plans, I start out by asking two things: 

- what are your business goals for this quarter and for this year?
- are those business goals helping fuel your personal & life goals?  

Your vision board is something that gives you a reminder of the strategic direction that you want to go so that you can plan actions along the way that will get you there. It can really can help with mindset, and I believe that mindset is what's fuelling everything.

Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you are right.

And ultimately, we have the power to choose our mindset. I also know that when we're working day in and day out, or we're working towards big goals, it can get challenging. It can get hard. If we're not fuelling ourselves and pouring into that vision, sometimes we can lose sight of what it is that we're working towards and the burnout or the tired disk can take over.

So it can be hard to choose positivity and gratitude, but the process that we're going to go through today will help anchor you back to this process - so if you start to feel like your mindset isn't serving you - you can reset. You know, I am all for strategy and I believe that there are probably dozens, if not hundreds of strategies that can work for you if you have the right mindset and if you're able to be consistent enough to actually implement them.

So let's get started with the goal setting process when it comes to your goals and visions, purpose and destination, make the journey easier.

STEP ONE: Reflect

We need to get clear on what we actually want to achieve. 

Before we start getting in Canva or cutting out pictures to create that vision board, I want you to get out a journal and ask yourself some questions.

1. When you started your business, what did you want to achieve or accomplish?
Now, whether you've been in business just a couple of months, a couple of years or decades, think back to when you had that business idea. Why did you want to start a business? Why did you want to be an entrepreneur? Was it a a calling or a purpose and a mission that you wanted to serve? Was it about providing financially for your family or having time flexibility and time freedom? Think back to that.

2. What have you achieved so far?
Look back at the last year in your business - your last couple of years if you've been operating a while - and think about what have you achieved now? Did you know you were gonna achieve those things when you started? Maybe, but maybe not. Take a moment to celebrate and reflect in gratitude on what has happened so far, what you've been able to accomplish, the people you've been able to connect with, and the things that have been brought into your life because of your business. Because those moments and that reflection is going to excite you for what you could actually achieve next. 

3. What can you envisage for the future? 
What do you want your life to look like, what do you want your business to look like in the next year, in the next two or three years, and in the next 10 years. You know, for me, the 10 year one can be kind of challenging, but I like to think about it as my son, who is seven now, will be 17 then. Then I can imagine that he'll be a junior in high school. What will our life look like? What will our day-to-day look like? What will we be planning for in that season of life? And that helps me create goals that I want to achieve by that time. And then, pit stops along the way that I want to get to in the next two, three or five years.

Now with this process, you can be super simple and just use a bullet journal and a list, write it out in a notebook or type it up in a Google Doc or in the Notes app on your phone and come back and look at those words. You can be vintage or old school and cut out pictures from a magazine and create a scrapbook or a collage, if that inspires you. My favorite way is to create a vision board in Canva - and what I like to do is get the dimensions for the desktop of either my phone or my computer and create it in those dimensions so I can use the vision board as my background. So I can see all the things I'm working towards. 

... and then the most important piece to this - you need to put time on your calendar to revisit that vision board once a quarter. When you revisit that vision board, make sure that it is aligned with the time that you sit down to plan your content for the quarter. Focusing on your long-term vision can help you hone in on which goals you have and the bandwidth to actually move the needle on so that you can focus your energy and your efforts so you don't burn out.

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