ClickUp Hacks to Save Time In Your Marketing with Kaci Ackerman - Episode 108

ClickUp Hacks to Save Time In Your Marketing with Kaci Ackerman - Episode 108

Welcome back to The Consistency Corner Podcast - and this week I have a special guest for you! I sat down with the incredible Kaci Ackerman to talk all things Clickup & efficiency - I mean, who doesn't like saving time when it comes to your marketing!

Click play below to listen to the episode in full:



Can Clickup really save you time in your marketing? 

After talking to Kaci, I can confidently say - YES, yes it can. 

In this episode, we chatted about: 

  • Kaci's journey and how she become the Clickup Queen!
  • How systems can not only save you time, but also make your more money in your business.
  • How important SOP's are when you're hiring or bringing on help in your business (and how Kaci does this!) 
  • How to identify the processes to put into the right tool - to actually save time - and Kaci's hack at how to do that in the most simple way. 
  • Why Kaci believes that any task that's not making you money should be systemised or outsourced. 



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