Mastering Content Repurposing for Effective Marketing

Mastering Content Repurposing for Effective Marketing - Episode 124

Welcome back to the Consistency Corner Podcast - today we're going to be talking all about how you can master the art and science of content repurposing for effective marketing! I want to share with you my thoughts on how you can repurpose your content to create impactful, fresh content without feeling stuck in a relentless cycle of content creation. 

I can't wait to share this episode with you! Hit play and get ready to take your content strategy to the next level.


How can content repurposing save time and effort in your marketing strategy? Let's talk about that...

The good news is content repurposing can help you create content without feeling like you're on a hamster wheel of content creation. How? When you're creating long form content as the base of your overall marketing strategy, it allows you to pull from that bank of content and repurpose it for all the other places you're showing up! But if you're in the early stages of creating long form content or you're like, Ruthie, I don't even know what you mean by long form content. Let's talk about it and I want to share with you why I'm so passionate about it!

Ok, so what is long form content? 

So when I say long form content, what do I mean? I mean a blog, I mean a podcast, I mean a video. It could also be a email newsletter or email series, but it's something longer than a social media post. It is something where you can tell a story explain different points, create analogies, but it's something that's not just a one line or a short content container like we see on social media. It's a little bit meatier. It also takes your client through a journey, and it adds value in a way that either entertains, educates, inspires, motivates, or informs.

We've talked here on the podcast about how long form content can be used in both the attract stage and the nurture stage of the marketing funnel. And quite honestly, it could potentially be used as a convert piece too, but the bulk of your long form content is going to be a nurture content with some strategies around attract as well.

You can take that long form content and slice and dice it into several other pieces to fill the other parts of the funnel. Let's talk about some frameworks that will enable you to do just that... but first of all, what's a framework? A framework is like a recipe. It's a way to follow a plan so you don't just feel like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall... and it helps with organizing your thoughts. It helps with decision fatigue. It helps with giving you a road map or plan for what to do so that you don't feel overwhelmed. 

Let's get tangible. What are 4 ways to repurpose from a long form piece of content? 

We've already talked about long form content. It's a blog. It's a podcast. It's a video or an email newsletter. So post number 1 is a social media post that you can create, and this could be a reel, this could be a story, this could be a just static post or carousel post. The thing to remember here though is the goal is to pull out the thought provoking or polarizing idea from that long form content piece. You could do that in one of those tweet style reels or a carousel post, like a quote, or even just a single image post. You could also do it as a photo, like a static photo of something that kind of tells the story visually, and then you do that thought provoking or polarizing the idea in the caption, or you could do it as a voice over reel.

One of the things that you can do with AI is when you write a blog post or you pull the transcript from a podcast that you've recorded or a video that you've recorded where you've talked about something that is one of your content pillars or themes, you can input that into AI and say "please help me create social media posts from this content. I would like one to be a quote post of a thought provoking or polarizing idea from this copy that I'm giving you." Let AI give you some ideas and pull those ideas from your own words - this alone can save you so much time when you're repurposing your content. 

Next, is a transformational story... 

So let's say I have a long form content piece about the marketing funnel and how we need to be constantly thinking about attract, nurture, and convert. The activities that we're doing to move customers through the marketing funnel. That's a long form content piece of mine. What I could do is I could have a photo of one of my clients, or I could have a photo of myself working at my computer - then I could tell a story in the caption about how once I started focusing on the marketing funnel and both filling the top, nurturing in the middle, and doing conversion driving activities at the end, my business started to grow. And so it's a story pulled from that long form content piece.

You can take that social media post, and you can have a call to action to go and listen to the podcast or read the blog where you share more details, or that can just be it. And the call to action can be, does this resonate with you? What questions do you have? Share if you agree, comment if this has you thinking differently or something like that... But again, it's content that you've already created long form and you're just repackaging it and repurposing it into a transformation style post.

The 3rd option is a quote - everybody loves a quote graphic.

It's like the number one saved and shared type of content on social media. So take a quote that you wrote or said from your long form piece of content and create a quote card, a quote graphic or that tweet style reel. Now the difference between number 1 and this one is the quote in my opinion could be a little bit longer. Or it doesn't necessarily have to be thought provoking, but it could be validating, or it could be educational. It's 1 to 2 sentences attributed as a quote, and you share that as copy as as text. And then again, the caption for that social media content piece, which is a shorter version of your long form piece, is a call to action to go and read or listen to the longer form content, or it could be something completely different. It could be a call to action to work with you. It could be a call to action to engage. It could be a call to action to get a free resource if this is resonating with you, or it could be a call to action around commenting or sharing. So you can do a lot of things and package it a lot of different ways!

The 4th one is a teaching post - and this is probably going to be a carousel, but it could also be a checklist in stories or a step by step infographic where you walk them through how to do something.

So, again, you're going to that long form content piece where you added value, and you're creating a step by step process that they can follow. Now because you're putting this on social media, it's probably simplified. So again, your call to action could be check the long form piece for more details or it could be comment if this was helpful. Let me know if this helps. Save this post for the next time you do x y z.

We all know that the tips and hacks we see on social media are the tip of the iceberg. It's part of the story. It's one piece that can help, but it's not going to totally change the world overnight if you just do that one thing and that one thing only. Right? And that's what your teaching posts can do is they're giving the little snippet. But then you're inviting the reader in to work with you and to learn more, and you're creating that curiosity to understand, like, the whole system or the entire transformation process of working with you.

So that gave you 4 pieces of content from one long form content piece... and quite honestly, what most of you can probably do is do 2 or 3 of each of those types of posts. And again, our friend AI can certainly help you when you prompted and say "I'm going to give you some long form content, please help me create 4 types of social media graphics or posts, with these intentions or help me create 4 quote posts."

Let's work smarter and not harder when it comes to our content repurposing efforts and let AI help us too! 

So I hope that that has given you some different things to think about, some ways to think about content repurposing in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming because I get it. It feels like a lot at first. And I want to encourage you to start with the long form content. 

If you're not already, start. 

Even if it's just a monthly newsletter, and know that over time, as you build and have the compound effects from creating long form content, that it will get easier. It will get to the point that you feel more confident, but you've gotta start somewhere. And if you are already creating long form content, keep going. Keep doing it because it is going to serve you for the long run. It's going to serve your clients. You're building a foundation and a legacy of content that is going to support you now and into the future and that will eventually make your content creation strategy simpler, but it takes some work upfront. 

If you have questions about content repurposing, don't hesitate to send me a d a DM over on Instagram. I would love to chat more with you about it and answer your questions and know that this something that we regularly talk about inside The Consistent Content Club. I'd love to have you in the club to get some of those content prompts and then we can have specific conversations about how you can repurpose the prompts for different platforms, different messages, and different types of content for your business.

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