Step Away From Social Media

Without sacrificing your marketing strategy.

Build Your Own 9-Grid

Step Away From Social Media

Without sacrificing your marketing strategy.


Build Your Own 9-Grid

Ready to let go of worrying about what the heck to post on social media? 

What if you could to stop moving "post on Instagram" from day to day on your to do list.

You could hire a social media manager, but she's still going to be hounding you for content, and you just don't have the time. 

You need a professional presence on Instagram, and you're tired of feeling guilty you haven't nailed it yet. 

Insert the 9 Grid Strategy! 

The real win here is a content strategy without stress, without anxiety about what to create—and WITH absolute confidence.

And these templates are the road map to build a 9 Grid that brings out YOUR brand sparkle!

YES! I need these templates!

✨ Your INSTAGRAM IS GONNA Sparkle! ✨


These 9-Grid planning templates are the exact roadmap I use to create an organized and thoughtful grid for my clients.

No more panic as you try to figure out where to start, what to say, or how to put it all together.

No more guessing how to create a dynamic grid that is cohesive and serves your audience.

This framework walks you through the brand details you need to include in your content, and a blue print to package it into 9 neat little squares! 

With these template in your content corner, you will easily:

  • Get those key brand details out of your head and on paper, so you know EXACTLY what to share.
  • Have a clear picture of how each post will work TOGETHER to support your brand message AND business goals.
  • Discover copy writing tips to write captivating captions for your 9-Grid.
  • Feel confident that your 9-Grid is helping you build credibility and authority in your market.

Trust me when I tell you—people are going to take notice when they take a peek at your profile!

When you have a strategic 9-Grid, your brand will reap the rewards with clear messaging that nurtures, and converts...on autopilot!

I'm ready to build my 9-Grid!

Hi, I’m Ruthie.

Content and Marketing Strategist & Owner of The Consistency Corner

“I’m so excited to pass this template on to you so you can see how simple it can be to build a 9-Grid for your business without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sound good?


Yeah, it does!

I’m so excited for you because I know you are about to 
create content you can be proud to share!

Feeling good about your social media presence is going to be your new normal, so get excited - you are about to have a new found confidence when it comes to sharing your business!

It’s such an empowering feeling when you know that you are put out intentional, valuable content for your audience that represents your brand and compels action. 

Still not sure if a 9-Grid is for you? Grab the Decision Guide to find out!