Why Is Branding More Than Just a Logo

Why Your Brand Is More Than Just a Logo

Your Brand Its Made up Of So Much More Than Just Your Logo

If your brand is more than just a logo...than what is it? On episode 52 of The Consistency Corner Podcast we chat with branding expert Steph Hilfer on all the things you need to consider when defining your brand.

If you want to create something out of thin air, then Steph is your girl. She can visualize what doesn’t yet exist and bring it to life, as she did with Viim! With a background in psychology, Steph is a master at understanding people’s relationships with brands. So while Steph may sometimes live in the clouds surrounded by creative thoughts, she is grounded in solid business strategy that creates a competitive edge to all brands lucky enough to experience her Midas touch.

My conversation with Steph reminded me that branding can show up in the marketplace in your content, customer experience, and product. And each one of these is equally important (and none of these are a logo!)

Product vs. Service Based Business Branding

Is branding important for product based businesses?

Absolutely! In fact, I think it may be even more important than branding for service providers (only slightly though)


Because you can buy stuff anywhere.

And even if you have exclusive product, you do have competitors, and your brand is what creates relationships with your customers so they choose to buy from you.

I heard @kristenpatrickmusings share this formula on a podcast with @wirleadership and was so struck with her commentary I had to share.

Product matters, but so does customer experience and so does content.

And all 3 together create the perception your customer has of your brand.

If you have defined and clarified your brand details you can make sure your content, experience and product are all on brand and creating the consistency necessary to grow your business.

I’m curious, is there one of these spheres you need to work on aligning with your brand message?

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