Using Networking for Visibility

Using Networking for Visibility with Cara Steinmann - Episode 146

In this episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast, I'm joined by Cara Steinmann - the founder of the Ravel Collective and host of Ravel Radio. Cara specializes in assisting female service-based entrepreneurs in assisting strategic networks, offering them guidance on building connections that result in valuable referrals, creating an exponential effect. In today's conversation, we explore the importance of authentic connections, offer practical advice for navigating various online platforms, and emphasize the significance of aligning core values when fostering meaningful connections. Let's dive in!

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As long as everybody's self-aware enough to understand that not every client is ideal, then they can refer those clients to people who do what they do for different types of people.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The key to successful networking (hint: you don't need to see everyone as your competitor - everyone brings something unique to the table).
  • The importance of scaling genuine connections in a group of women who share core values.
  • The "mere exposure effect," where repeated interaction with someone, even through comments, leads to increased trust and preference.
  • The value of curiosity and genuine connection when using LinkedIn and other platforms, not just seeking business opportunities.
  • Why it's better to refer non-ideal clients to others who can better serve them, so you can attract clients that share your values (networking is a quality over quantity game).


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