Unfiltered Fridays: The 3 Pinned Posts You Need On Your Instagram Profile - Episode 133

Unfiltered Fridays: The 3 Pinned Posts You Need On Your Instagram Profile - Episode 133

Are you ready to supercharge your Instagram profile and make a lasting impression on potential clients and customers? In this episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast, we're deep into the game-changing Instagram strategy known as the Three-Grid. If you've ever wondered how to tell your audience who you are, what you do, and why you're special in just three posts, keep reading – we've got you covered. Tune into the episode below!


The Power of the Instagram Three-Grid

So, what exactly is the Instagram Three-Grid, and why should you care? While you may not be initially discovered on Instagram, it's crucial to have a compelling profile for those who do visit. After all, Instagram is a powerful platform, and you don't want to leave potential business on the table.

While the Nine-Grid strategy is key to guiding ideal clients down the sales funnel, the Three-Grid approach is a bit more manageable - so let's start there! This approach ensures that when your satisfied clients recommend you to others, newcomers can quickly grasp your brand and offerings simply by visiting your Instagram profile. It's all about making a memorable first impression.

The Three Essential Posts

The key to the Three-Grid strategy lies in the content you feature. Let's break it down into three essential posts:

1. Introduction Post

The first post, which appears at the top of your profile, serves as an introduction. It's like your elevator pitch, telling visitors who you are and what you do. I recommend adding a personal touch, such as anecdotes about your background, to make the post relatable.

2. Offers Post

The second post, placed strategically as the second in the sequence, focuses on your offers. This is where you showcase your products or services, explaining the problems you solve and how potential clients can benefit from working with you. If you have multiple offerings, consider using a carousel post to effectively communicate your offerings.

3. Humble Brag Post

The third post, interestingly, is what I call the "Humble Brag." This post is all about building authority in your niche. Share your years of experience, highlight client testimonials, or tell transformation stories to demonstrate what's possible when someone works with you.

Crafting Your Three-Grid Design

Creating an aesthetically pleasing Three-Grid design isn't as complex as it sounds. I recommend using Canva to design your carousel posts. Instagram posts typically measure 1080 by 1080 pixels for square posts. To create your Three-Grid design, replicate this size three times and customize it to fit your brand aesthetic.

Once you have your design ready, use a tool like Pine Tools to split the image into three separate posts. While the design of the initial post is crucial, don't fret too much about matching every detail of the subsequent posts. The key is to maintain your brand's fonts, colors, and design aesthetics to ensure a cohesive look.

A Strategy for Consistent Growth

The Three-Grid strategy isn't just for one-time use when launching a new offer. It's a tool you can leverage consistently to keep your audience engaged and informed about your offerings. In business, consistently filling your funnel with new potential clients is essential for growth.

Whether you're attracting referrals, networking, or appearing on podcasts, you want your Instagram profile to represent your brand effectively. The Three-Grid strategy helps you do just that.

Ready to Take Action?

If you're excited to give the Three-Grid strategy a try but find yourself short on time, I have you covered! I offer a simplified content plan to help you shine on Instagram. Feel free to reach out over on Instagram or visit TheConsistencyCorner.com to explore how we can work together.

In conclusion, don't underestimate the power of your Instagram profile. It's a valuable tool for making a memorable first impression and attracting potential clients consistently. The Three-Grid strategy is your key to achieving just that.

Now, let's start shining on Instagram!


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