Navigating Business Pivots and Expansion with Katie Monroe

Unfiltered Friday: Navigating Business Pivots and Expansion with Katie Monroe - Episode 145

In this episode of Unfiltered Fridays, we're joined by Katie Monroe - founder of Kreate Photography, Kreate Collective - her coaching/mentorship company, and her newest venture - Momentum Method. Today we're diving into an unfiltered conversation about what it takes to build, pivot, or add onto your business in the midst of already trying to run it successfully. Ready to dive in?

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If you are looking to pivot into mentorship and coaching, it's extremely important to get really clear on your long-term vision and your why. There's so much potential, but it requires heart and thought and vision and systems and money and time.

Here's a sneak peek at what we discussed:

  • Katie's decision to pivot and expand her business divisions rather than shutting down her photography business.
  • How building the right team can allow you to channel energy into new endeavors and maintain consistency in your primary business.
  • Why you need a strong sense of purpose and passion to sustain a strong business, especially during periods when results may not be immediately visible (success often requires years of planning and preparation).
  • The importance of balancing your current business, new creative ideas/opportunities, and making time for family.
  • The positive impact that having a strong community within your niche can provide you and your business.

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