Understanding The Marketing Funnel - Episode 23

Understanding The Marketing Funnel - Episode 23

Understanding the marketing funnel will help you set intentional business goals and create a marketing strategy and content plan to actually achieve those goals, without feeling like you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall! This week I chatted in depth about the marketing funnel, I hope you find it valuable! 

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So what do I need to know about the marketing funnel? 

In this episode I covered: 

  • The differences between the attract, nurture and convert phases of your business
  • Which content you can create that will help your audience get to know, like and trust you and your brand
  • How to use this content to move your audience through your marketing funnel, so you can eventually convert them into sales. 

Learn 5 tips to stop the scroll and take back your energy, while still using social media as part of your marketing strategy. Join the Stop The Scroll Challenge for bonus tips and some accountability in minimizing your time on social media (without sacrificing your business goals!)


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