The Success Equation for Your Marketing Results - Episode 96

The Success Equation for Your Marketing Results - Episode 96

Today we're talking all about the success equation and how that applies to your marketing funnel and results. Back in the very first episode we chatted all about the success equation - because it is so powerful to ensure that your getting the results you want (regardless of what area of life you're wanting results in!) The success equation is: Time + Intensity + Consistency X Belief = Results.
But how does that apply to your marketing? That's what we cover during this episode! Click play below to listen to it in full:


 Ok, so what exactly does the success equation have to do with your marketing? 

As I mentioned about the success equation is Time + Intensity + Consistency X Belief = Results. So what does this actually look like? Let's look at each seperate element and break it down. 

First let's talk about belief. 

This is the most important piece of the equation because it's the multiplier, it multiplies all the other things. You can give 100% intensity with perfect consistency and give it for the right period of time - but if you don't believe in yourself and the actions that you're taking, you will never get there.

Anything multiplied by zero is zero.

So if you don't believe you will get the results, you won't. I know that belief is a hard one and there are thousands of books, podcasts, speakers and coaches that focus on transforming your limiting beliefs or your belief in yourself. But what's important to acknowledge is this, once again, whether you believe you can or you believe you can't - you're right!

So it doesn't matter how good your marketing is, if you don't believe. The energy that you need to attract for success simply won't be there. 

Next, let's talk about intensity and consistency. 

Most people look at their goals with an all or nothing mentality. They will go at 110%, balls to the wall and that can lead to burnout or it can lead to this major yo-yo cycle of starting and stopping. That cycle never gets you to a place where you can truly build momentum in the beginning. Sometimes, even in the middle, it's an uphill climb and if you start, stop, start, stop - you're never going to get to the top. OR, sometimes people go way too fast out of the gate and way too hard at a pace that they can't maintain. That won't work either. 

So it's really about being consistent at an intensity you can maintain.

What I would like to encourage you to do is to consider where you could layer in one more thing? Where can you increase the intensity just a little bit to give that thing time to become a habit? For example, if you've been nurturing your audience on social media, could you possibly introduce email marketing and set a goal to send one email a month? That's an intensity you could probably maintain right?!

So after you've determined what intensity you're going to implement that can push you a little, that won't burn you out - it's time to really focus on getting consistent. The best way to get consistent is honestly through tracking and accountability. Now truly, you are only the person that can hold you accountable, but there is also people and tools that can help - get a notebook, get an app like streaks, or get a fun planner or even a sticker chart.

Lastly, I want to talk about time.

You & I both know sometimes good stuff takes work AND it takes time. If you want to grow list to 10,000 subscribers for example, it might take a few years, but that's okay. As you network and you put content out into the world, it will happen.

Sometimes the piece of the equation that's missing is enough time hasn't passed yet.

I know it's so easy to get impatient, and that's one of the reasons that I honestly love focusing on the process over the progress when we are working towards a goal. Maybe we can't celebrate that we've hit that milestone or that pie in the sky event, but we can celebrate that we have been consistent with writing an email every single week, publishing a blog or a podcast, publishing a social media post, reaching out to our audience to network.

Sometimes because the progress takes longer to see than we want it to, we need those little celebrations. We need to be able to be proud of ourselves and say, I am sticking to the process, I am being consistent, and I believe that the results are right around the corner.

The time is gonna pass anyway - and with consistency over time, you will reach your goals. 

So to recap, our success equation is time plus consistency plus intensity multiplied by belief is what gets you your results. And all four of the areas are important and it can be helpful to focus on improving just one at a time.

If consistency is an area that you struggle with, like most people, I would love for you to join me inside of our free monthly content co-working session where I can be your consistency cheerleader and you can make an accountability date with yourself to stick to this content and marketing process.

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