What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Understand About The Success Equation

What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Understand About The Success Equation - Episode 1

In the very first episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast, I dive deep into the success equation - and what every entrepreneur needs to understand to make their vision a reality. 


The majority of people look at their goals with an all or nothing mentality - but that attitude can lead to burnout and a cycle of constantly starting... and constantly stopping. So instead, let's talk about being consistent at an intensity that you can actually maintain. 

When you are working toward ANY type of result, whether it’s paying off debt, training for a marathon, improving a relationship or building a business, the core pieces of the equation are the same. So what's the magic formula? 


Listen to this episode to learn more about each element of the success equation and how you might want to tweak it to change the results - or lack of - you're currently experiencing (in your business and even your life!) You'll also learn that this is the key piece to actually reaching those goals - and not being completely exhausted when you get there. 

If you struggle with the consistency piece of the success equation - I'd love to invite you to join our next Consistency Corner Co Working Session! It's a FREE 90 minute co-working session to help you focus on creating content that sparkles (with a community of other goal getting women!) Click here to find out more: https://www.theconsistencycorner.com/community

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