The Power of Neuro-Regulation

The Power of Neuro-Regulation with Margy Feldhuhn - Episode 177

Welcome back to The Consistency Corner Podcast! Today we're joined by Margy Feldhuhn - podcast host, multimillion-dollar serial entrepreneur, and thought leader in neuro-regulation! In this episode, Margy takes us through her entrepreneurial journey, and shares how she discovered the power of neuro-regulation in her own life, as well as its impact on her professional success.

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It's really helpful to be training your nervous system so you're able to stay present and have the tools to approach things effectively.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why neuro-regulation is important to understand in mindset work and entrepreneurship.
  • How nervous system dysregulation can lead to various stress responses, such as fight, flight, freeze, flop, and fawn.
  • The difference between neuro-regulation and therapy, and how they can complement each other in personal development.
  • How consistency in nervous system training can help business owners manage stress and increase their capacity.

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