The Power Of Affirmations & How You Can Use Them In Your Business - Episode 16

The Power Of Affirmations & How You Can Use Them In Your Business - Episode 16

On today’s Mindset Monday episode we are going to talk about the power of affirmations. I don't know about you, but words of affirmation are my love language... and as a form of self care I have learned I need to regularly incorporate affirmations into my routine to grow my confidence and keep me on track toward my goals. 

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In this episode, I chatted about:
- The 5 Love Languages and how this book changed how I interact with those I love and how I need to receive love in return. 
- The power that words have over how we feel, which impacts the actions that we take in life (and in our business!)
- How we can create our reality through the words we use.
- How to choose the right affirmations to use in our lives and the apps I love to help with this. 

ThinkUp Affirmation App
I Am Daily Affirmation App

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