Is Your Business Ready for Ads with Jordan Perry - Episode 106

Is Your Business Ready for Ads with Jordan Perry - Episode 106

Jordan is a marketing expert and the founder of LAUNCH with Jordan, a paid advertising agency focused on lead generation through list building, resulting in more leads and increased sales. She thrives in helping women scale their businesses by taking paid digital off of their plates. She founded her company in 2020, but has been in marketing for over a decade, working for Chick-fil-A, one of Johns Hopkins Medicine's Children's hospitals, and a national nonprofit with over 1.7 million combined followers on all of their platforms.

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In this discussion, we chatted about: 

  • The misconceptions we have about paid advertising and how we can change them.
  •  The importance of having a proven offer before you start playing with paid advertising
  • How we figure out if you're ready for paid advertising and the very first step that you need to consider first.
  • What the Meta pixel is and why it's important to add to your website as soon as you can, even if you're not thinking about running ads for months. 
  • The importance of knowing the data behind your customer journey and how you can use the numbers to get better results when you start to use paid advertising.

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