Why You Need To Set Intentional Goals All Year Long

Why You Need To Set Intentional Goals All Year Long as a Business Owner - Episode 2

Today we are going to talk about intentional goal setting and why you need to be intentional with your goals through the entire year as a business owner - not just at the beginning of one. 



During this episode I also discussion the difference between intentions and expectations and how you can set an intention for even a short period of time. Why is this important? Because it means that you can manage your energy and be at your best as you work towards your goals - rather than ending up overwhelmed, burnt out or just plain exhausted. 

I also believe that by setting goals with intention through the year, that also means that they will be quality goals and will mean something to us. So, as you listen to this episode, I would encourage you to review the current goals you've set in your business - and your life - and think about the intention behind them... and if they weren't set with any real intention, perhaps it's time to set some new ones. 

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