How to Effectively Use Color in Your Branding with Steph Hilfer - Episode 88

How to Effectively Use Color in Your Branding with Steph Hilfer - Episode 88

I've always known how important color was when it comes to all things branding and marketing - but this week on the podcast I was excited to invite my friend Steph Hilfer from Viim in to chat all things color and how to use it effectively in your branding. Steph has a background in psychology and she is a master at understanding people's relationships with brands. She has this beautiful mix of creativity and strategy and I cannot wait to share this episode with you!

Press play to listen to this episode in detail: 


During this interview we covered: 

- What are brand colours and how did Steph land on hers for Viim?
- Why color is so powerful and why it needs to be thought of intentionally in your branding for your business.
- How can we use color intentionally and make changes or tweak it as we need without it being overwhelming?
- How many colors do you actually need for your brand and how many is too many?
- The differences between all the different color codes: CMYK, HEX, RGB + Pantone.
- Why is color so powerful when it comes to telling a story and building and defining a brand?
- Tips for any entrepreneurs that are DIY'ing their design and using templates.

90 Second Video; ‘Discover Your Brand’:
Read Steph's Branding Journey:

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