Why You Need Professional Branding Photos on the Regular

FemForce: Why You Need Professional Branding Photos on the Regular with Stacey Poterson - Episode 152

In this episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast, I'm joined by the founder of FemForce, Stacey Poterson! Forging her own path in the photo industry and doing what no photographer has done before, Stacey has created a non traditional approach to getting fresh new photos for social media every month. She re-designed her photography business to fit family life & motherhood and started FemForce - a monthly photoshoot subscription service for female entrepreneurs to help them get social media content. Ready to dive in?

Click play to listen to the episode in full:

“With entrepreneurship, you have to lean into that fear. There's fear every step of the way, right? We have to use it as fuel and we have to go for it. You have to embrace that fear. It's the only way to get better.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The emotional turning point that came when Stacey missed her son's baseball game while away shooting a wedding.
  • How FemForce fills the need for accessible branding photos by offering a subscription model for professional brand photos, filling the gap between infrequent expensive shoots and casual iPhone selfies.
  • Stacey's "SHTT" method for natural and flattering poses that will help you look effortless in front of the camera.
  • Overcoming camera shyness and and embracing discomfort to build confidence in front of the camera.
  • The importance of investing in professional photography to effectively communicate brand essence, boost brand recognition, and engage the audience.


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