Defining Your Core Values (and why it matters!) - Episode 20

Defining Your Core Values (and why it matters!) - Episode 20

On the podcast today we're talking all about your core values - and why it's so important that you define them! If you want to listen to the episode in full, press play below: 


What are your brand values? 

I believe that your brand values are very much aligned with your personal values - which makes this much more of a mindset topic then you probably realised. Why? Because when you are in alignment with your personal values, your mindset is going to be in a much healthier place, which is ultimately what's gonna help you grow and be successful. I also believe that we need to aim to be a valued based brand - which means that your brand has a mission, vision and purpose that is guided by a very specific and clearly defined values. SO... what are you brand values? At your core, your values are what is the most important thing to you.

If you're a parent, it's what you want to teach your children. I can tell you as a parent, one of the number one things that I want to teach my child is work hard and be nice that that's what we do. We work hard and we be nice. So that is a core value of me personally, and ultimately it's a core value that then I have built into my brand because it's the type of people I wanna work with. I wanna work with people who are hard workers, but who are also nice! So, if you're still not sure what your values are, let's work through some steps together to figure them out. 

How to define your brand values...

Start with a BRAIN DUMP. 
Sit down with a pen and paper, a journal, or just sit down with a document on your computer and just start brain dumping. Just start writing things down. As an example, work hard and be nice come to my mind immediately because I know that I want to teach my children those values and they are important to me. What is important to you? You might value the outdoors and environmentalism might be something that's really important to you or other social causes.

When you can identify what's most important to you, it allows you to lead from that place and attract a community - whether it's customers or collaborators - that are aligned with those same values. 

 If consistency is an area that you struggle with, like most people, I would love for you to join me inside of our free monthly content co-working session where I can be your consistency cheerleader and you can make an accountability date with yourself to stick to this content and marketing process.

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