Could AI Be Your Marketing Assistant with Hattie Dunstan - Episode 136

Could AI Be Your Marketing Assistant with Hattie Dunstan - Episode 136

We're back with another episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast! This week I'm joined by my friend Hattie Dunstan, and we're walking through the balance between harnessing AI's potential and preserving human creativity. Before we dive too deep into it, let me introduce you to Hattie!

Hattie is a Facebook Ad strategist with an obsession for using AI to to make marketing easier, faster and more affordable. She has been in the marketing business since she was 15, and now you can find her running her Facebook Ads strategy business, Funstans Marketing. Hattie and her husband have two daughters, both born via surrogacy, and they love watching cake videos together and dreaming up new spells in the kitchen ✨️ 

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We're still the CEOs of our company. We still need to lead the way and put our sparkle and personality into our content.

In this episode we covered...

  • The challenges and benefits of using AI tools, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a personal touch in your content.
  • Why you can't let ChatGPT take over everything in your life, and how to identify what tasks to reclaim for yourself.
  • How despite AI's capabilities, we remain the thought leaders and CEOs of our enterprises, responsible for infusing our content with personality and originality.
  • How to think outside the box and identify areas where AI falls short.
  • The delicate balance between leveraging AI's assistance and preserving the unique creativity and personality of content creators.


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