Choosing Your Word Of The Year For 2023 with Dr. Kaylee Hackney - Episode 89

Choosing Your Word Of The Year For 2023 with Dr. Kaylee Hackney - Episode 89

This week I'm chatting with the lovely Dr Kaylee Hackney all about how to choose your word of the year to be more intentional - fitting as we move closer and closer to 2023.

I love this conversation and think that being intentional with how you want the year to feel and what to set as your goal is so important. Press play to listen to the episode in full:



In this discussion, we chatted about:

- Why it's important to be intentional with your goal setting if you're trying to achieve work / life balance and life our life in alignment with our personal values.
- What some of Kaylee's favorite tools and methods are to become more intentional and actually recognise the priorities for your life.
- Why it's important that your word of the year aligns with your big life goals - and why you need to make time to reflect and plan what you actually want for your life (consider doing a 'dream drive!') 
- How choosing one word for the year helps us stay focused on our intention for the new year - and Kaylee shared her 2022 word of the year, which was discipline, and how that showed up for her throughout the year. 
- How do you know where to start when you're picking your word for the year.
- Once you've selected a word, how you keep that word top of mind for the entire year ahead to stay consistent so we can move towards our goals. 

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