Beyond Words: Unveiling Copywriting Secrets with Liz Nickson

Beyond Words: Unveiling Copywriting Secrets with Liz Nickson - Episode 165

Welcome to another episode of The Consistency Corner Podcast! In this episode, we're sitting down with Liz Nickson, a powerhouse brand copywriter, about the importance of how you say things rather than what you say. Liz shares invaluable tips on perfecting your messaging, crafting killer copy, and speaking a language that truly resonates with your audience. Join us as we delve into the unique role of a copywriter as the ultimate wingwoman for a business!

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I see copywriting is like it's the wingwoman of your business. We do all the talking while you do all the eye batting from the bar. I'm not here to take your shine. I'm here to put the spotlight on you, to brag about you, talk about you, and help you show up confidently in that way.

Here's a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • Why finding the right brand voice involves understanding the client's story, values, and personality.
  • The power of visualization in copywriting and the importance of clear call-to-actions.
  • How  consistency and repetition in copywriting contribute to building brand recognition and fostering trust among your audience.
  • Why effective copywriting should focus on showcasing benefits rather than features to create a meaningful connection with the audience.
  • How working with a copywriter can infuse freshness and new ideas into your messaging.


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