Beyond Money Mindset with Nadine Zumot - Episode 101

Beyond Money Mindset with Nadine Zumot - Episode 101

I'm excited to bring this conversation to The Consistency Corner Podcast - and share it with you! This week I interviewed Nadine Zumot. Nadine is a Money Energetics Coach who empowers her communities to heal their relationship with money so they can lead a more authentic life and embody their life's purpose.

This is something a little different for the podcast - but I know you're going to love this as much as I did! Click play to listen to the episode in full: 


So... let's dig into what is beyond our money mindset? 

This is what we chatted about in this interview:

  • Why a lot of us are suffering with money fear & trauma - and what that means for us & our future. 
  • How important it is to heal any financial trauma that you're suffering from and why Nadine is so passionate about it. 
  • Why money wounds go deeper than just mindset - which means that mindset work alone is never enough to heal these kinds of money wounds. 
  • What happens if business owners don't heal their own money wounds & how that can show up for them. 
  • What the experience working with an money energetics coach looks like and the types of things she digs into with her clients. 


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